Energy, Environmental and Associated Business Opportunities

The Integrated Energy Group was founded by Karl Lieviense with The Integrated Companies, www.theintegratedcompanies.us in 2008 in the midst of the U.S. financial crisis with the group assembling over 150 years of collective experience in energy project opportunities. Karl Lievense, one of the principal founders of Integrated Energy Group LLC (IEG) in 2016, noted, "As an alternative to traditional stock and bond availability, IEG brings total energy opportunity applications plus other environmental efficient entities for tax and portfolio planning with an emphasis on safety, income and long term wealth creation."

As sophisticated asset holders sought hedge funds as a non-correlated alternative to stocks and bonds, IEG may have found a safer niche investors are looking for as they seek to counter potential inflation, substantially reduce their taxable income, and create immediate and future income.

IEG creates a strategic opportunity for sophisticated wealth builders by partnering with successful, regional independent oil and gas and associated businesses operators. With competitive energy pricing, IEG  has attractive opportunities that have resonated as a safe harbor for alternative assets considering security, income and wealth creation.

IEG is comprised of both management, funding and banking specialists whose focus is to take advantage of current and future opportunities in the energy and associated environmental advantaged sectors – primarily oil, natural gas, oil service businesses, select alternative energy and associated business opportunities. Primary energy activity areas within the United States are in the Permian Basin, the Gulf and southern regions of Texas, and the Mid-continent, with emphasis on oil and gas development and selected midstream support service opportunities.

Because of the established relationships with proven global and regional independent operators, IEG is able to provide our clients with total energy opportunity applications for tax and estate planning with emphasis on safety and income.

IEG will often create partnering opportunities with our industry contacts in the energy and associated businesses space for family offices, private groups or consortiums of high net worth individuals. This allows the opportunity and basis for continual development of private energy projects designed to balance portfolio expansion within the energy sector. It also allows energy and environment technology to serve as a valuable component of tax planning, income sheltering and above average wealth accumulation with safety and capital protection.

IEG Principal

Karl G. Lievense, Principal and Founder
Karl's background covers over forty years in the funding and banking side of the oil and gas industry, from operating energy programs from 1976 to 1983, to consulting with independent oil operators, helping to structure their oil and gas programs, assisting and directing their funding, wholesaling syndicated energy programs through financial planning broker-dealers and direct placement of energy opportunities with asset accumulation and management groups, family offices and advisory offices.
Mr. Lievense's background experience also encompasses total wealth and tax planning plus asset management working with individual clients, family offices and qualified retirement trusts.
His knowledge and contacts in the funding, banking and energy Industry will allow for growth and expansion of IEG's business goal of creating a highly respected and successful independent oil and gas placement entity, that interacts with other leading industry Partners, where and when appropriate for the benefit of our selected advisors, partners and clients.
Karl is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in business administration and the founder of The Integrated Companies, Naples, FL, www.theintegratedcompanies.us.