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IPM - Integrated Property Managers
What we do
IPM is a comprehensive energy property manager-operator
and rehab specialist.
IPM allows passive ownership with proven income and maximum deductions
IPM does not drill wells.

We work and cultivate proven production fields for increased yield, same as improved land, apartment or office complex income and value.  We are your service company for the comprehensive and absolute management services of income producing Texas and Oklahoma energy real estate rights including evaluation, consulting, acquisition, operations, upgrades and divesture.

The basic concept is the same as purchasing a poor home, building or land, rehabilitating (rehabbing), renting, producing income and selling it for a gain. IPM’s approach is to find and use energy rehabs outperforming the service offered by other energy operators. 

Integrated Property Managers manages current producing energy properties. IPM does not drill discovery wells, proven property wells, wild cat wells or any wells although IPM has the ability. 

IPM locates bargain current producing energy properties primarily oil income . As any contractor marketing a construction management project IPM estimates the property initial cost plus cost to recondition and improve the energy income production over a two-year span with common and modern improvement techniques.  IPM will price a comprehensive, complete and absolute price so that the production property buyer/owner has no additional funds expected for the project.

The owner receives the recorded deed. The owner receives monthly income and financial reports (specific software utilized) including improvement reports. The owner has the choice to have certified audits, generally annually. At the two-year contract end IPM will sell the production property. With the increase in production the property plus the opportunity for the next owner for additional wells should sell with a significant gain.  The owner has received monthly income and gain.

The owner can defer the taxed gain by rolling into another IPM project or another real estate or other opportunity.

No other management firm offers an absolute price, the detail reports and certified audits plus the two-year plan that maximizes proceeds gain with gain $ deferral.

​      Texas and Oklahoma Real Estate Income Property for Acquisition     Please see below

Significant benefits for IPM income property rehab

IPM model strong points minimize owner risk and management.

Absolute - comprehensive management
Collect - harvest current on going production 365 days a year
Monthly income with tax discount
Most significant tax deductions - all income classes
No debt - zero debt operation
Fixed price - one price - no future cash calls
Owner receives and holds recorded deed
Rehab - update - modernize - efficient
Improve yield 3 to 5 goal times = Asset appreciation
Two-year exit goal - receive asset appreciation profit
Tax deferral - defer capital gains (IRS §1031 & § 453 M qualified)
No drilling expense or time - No drilling
Certified annual audit with end of project audit
Monthly income, production and rehab report
IRA & Family Office qualified - Increase Family wealth
Shorter term ownership - Integrate Estate & Financial Plans
Increase returns - reduce current and future income taxes
Reduce debt while maintaining income goals

We consistently valuate the most attractive and advantaged real estate income properties for your approval.

Properties currently available - several properties presently for acquisition

​Less acre properties available - private property inventory varies - other states available

Inquiries invited for these private real estate opportunities

Why IPM?

IPM is experienced with years in land income production. IPM offers absolute comprehensive management for real estate owners desiring significant income and tax advantages while maintaining a passive role because of other business commitments, retirement goals or asset diversification.

IPM offers passive ownership with significant proven income and maximum deductions!

 For many more advantages for ownership verses producing land or commercial property plus significant tax potential savings 
go to advantages.

IPM is a property management division of IEG


Naples, FL        Abilene & Houston, TX

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