Quiet, Safe and Economical Wind Power

Retail Mall Improvement & Management

Rehab Energy Production Fields
Your managers to cultivate, work, rehab and modernize current production fields for increased yield.
Individual owner receives deed and monhly income with most significant tax deductions for all income classes.
IPM is a full service company for the comprehensive and absolute management services of income producing Texas
and Oklahoma energy real estate rights, including evaluation, consulting, acquisition, operations, upgrade rehab
and divesture with gain.

Absolute-comprehensive management
Collect-harvest current production
Monthly income with tax discount
Most significant tax deductions-all income classes
No debt - zero debt operation
Fixed price-one price-no future cash calls
Owner receives and holds deed
Improve yield goal 3 to 5 times = Asset appreciation
Two-year exit goal-take asset appreciation profit
Tax deferral-defer capital gains (IRS §1031 qualified)
No drilling expense or time - No drilling
IRA & Family Office qualified
Monthly income, production and rehab report
Annual audit with end of project audit

Truck Parts Supplier to Wholesalers

New truck parts supplier for difficult to find transport and heavy truck suspension and other.

Mobile Home Park Rehabilatation & Management

Larger Moble Home Park below average condition improved with common aethetics and services.

Each project final details may vary.

For project detail please request with Contact Page or direct contact.

​Thank you

Resin Maufactuer-Distributor
Economical unique biodegradable resin additive combined with or without paint or cover materials increases
protection lifetime plus protecting against living organisms. Initiating marketing and distributor appointment.

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Integrated Energy Group LLC (IEG)